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Headset and Microphone Accessories

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Headset and Microphone Accessories Microphone Accessories: NSN: 5965-01-240-0183 – Part Number 11033C Microphone Cable for Headsets

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Headset and Microphone Accessories


NSN: 5965-01-240-0183 – Part Number 11033C Microphone Cable for Headsets, handsets, microphones and speakers U-173/U Connectors, 13 inches in length, M22442/36-3

NSN: 5995-01-503-9248 – Part Number: 1680-ALSE-407-1; 10016716; CEP199-X01  Radio Frequency Cable/Extension Cable for the HGU-56P Helmet

NSN: 5995-01-532-1759 – Part Number: CEP-900-I04; CEP Interface Harness to work with SMB recessed bulkhead jack for mounting thru helmet shell.

NSN: 5965-01-572-7803 – Part Number: MT31; SPE4AX-14-D-9999; Microphone Boom. Can be used with Peltor Comtec headsets

NSN: 5965-01-331-8000 – Part Number: 10009A; 82B5646; Earphone for Helmet

NSN: 8415-01-074-1622 – Part Number: 1680-ALSE-175-1; Earpad Seal Assembly – 1 each of the Rubber Ear Seal for Helmet HGU-56

NSN: 8415-01-395-0004 – Part Number: 1680-ALSE-111-1; Flyer Earcup Spacer Kit – 1 Set HGU-56 Helmet

NSN: 5340-01-398-3749 – Part Number: 1680-ALSE-205-1 or 88C7741; Power Cord Cover for ANVIS and Visors of HGU-56 Helmet and similar.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in

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