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Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale Specials happening now!

Let me tell you why you need all these items that are on sale for Memorial Day…

Scenario: batteries for your Tomahawk light that you use to momentary blind bad guy.

HTP ammo used in your favorite old school revolver that you use to shoot bad guy in face.

PVS-14 with iPhone adapter to film it all for posting to IG.

Night Vision iPhone adapter reg. $100 on sale $75 (25% off retail) Film w/ your PVS-14

Tomahawk tactical flashlight retail $244 on sale $100 limit 1 per person. Has an IR illuminator!

CR-123 batteries from Energizer $15/dozen and free shipping! Limit 10 dozen.

38 special ammo +P 158 gr lead hollow point $15/box items

Sale ends Monday 5/31/2016 at midnight