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Pre-Order Battleline Industries SAPR Magpul for March 2022 Run

Pre-Order announcement for Battleline Industries SAPR Magpul for April 2022 Run! Be sure to pre-order your SAPR so we can ear mark one for you. The process is easy and there is no upfront cost — we will collect payment when the run is completed and ready to ship in March 2022.

To use the reservation, click “add to cart” so you can reserve one today! We will reach out when the SAPR is completed and collect payment when we are ready to ship. No money is needed for this pre-order, just pay $250 when we ship.

  • Add item to cart
  • Go to check out and use coupon code SAPR. This will allow you to check out without being charged the $250 at that time.
  • Continue to put in all your info to create your pre-order reservation. Continue to check out normally. That’s it! We’ll reach out for payment when we are ready to ship.
  • Be sure to use the free shipping at check out, or you’ll be charged for this option. If you need something faster than priority mail, you can choose expedited shipping when we reach out for payment.