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Introducing MAWL-C1+ Civilian Laser/Illuminator by B.E. Meyers

MAWL-C1+ Civilian Laser/Illuminator by B.E. Meyers

Introducing the civilian legal MAWL-C1+ made by B.E. Meyers, features a visible green laser, infrared laser, and infrared illuminator. Currently in stock and ready to ship, these limited run lasers are the highest performing eye-safe laser available on the market.


  • Modes and power output are set for optimal illumination, beam size, and clarity at each engagement range.
  • The Admin button activates the other, less critical tertiary functions per mode.
  • The Immediate Action button controls the 90% use case outputs per mode.


  • Tactile sliding switch
  • Easy to determine mode by feel
  • No complex setting adjustment in the dark
  • Mode changing is rapid and effortless


  • Short Range
  • Mid Range
  • Long Range

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