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B. E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ Aiming Laser/Illuminator

From $125.00

As of  07/13/2020 lead times are up to 90 days. Please note: We have a new DOWN PAYMENT option to hold your place in line. Instead of charging your card the full amount of $2,725.00 a $125 down payment will hold you place. The remaining amount of $2,600 will be collected when we are 7-10 days out from shipping your MAWL-C1+

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MAWL-C1+ Civilian Laser/Illuminator by B.E. Meyers

Introducing the civilian legal MAWL-C1+ made by B.E. Meyers, features a visible green laser, infrared laser, and infrared illuminator.

Only available in EC2 end cap

EC2 features a threaded battery cap that allows for tool less battery replacement, and redesigned remote fire ports for easy access while weapon mounted. Ports are now placed at the top of the end cap and provides additional clearance for other accessories mounted to the platform.

EC2 available for sale as an add-on at $460.00 here:


  • Tan
  • Black


  • Modes and power output are set for optimal illumination, beam size, and clarity at each engagement range.
  • The Admin button activates the other, less critical tertiary functions per mode.
  • The Immediate Action button controls the 90% use case outputs per mode.


  • Tactile sliding switch
  • Easy to determine mode by feel
  • No complex setting adjustment in the dark
  • Mode changing is rapid and effortless


  • Short Range
  • Mid Range
  • Long Range

Optimized for room to room engagements and building interiors, Short Range mode offers smooth, room filling illumination with no discernible speckling or edges and no excessive bloom. The admin function activates a low energy IR illuminator with no pointer for navigating extremely dark areas without discharging an extra IR light.

Mid Range mode excels at urban building to building movement and is appropriate for alleyways, streets, building exteriors, and rooftops. Mid Range offers dual illuminators and a pointer; a mid range wide angle flood with a tight hot spot for punching out further distances. Admin function redistributes the illuminator outputs to optimize longer range illumination without switching into Long Range mode.

Long range mode pushes out a tight divergence, high power illuminator and pointer for open environment engagement or for punching through strong non-natural ambient illumination. Admin function is a single high power pointer with no illuminator for communications or signaling purposes.

Short and mid range green settings cycle through increasing output powers for the green pointer. The user can quickly adjust to the correct output appropriate for day, night, indoor, or outdoor.

Completely ambidextrous; simply swap the tailcap and head and remount to use left handed. The MAWL can be configured and mounted as the user sees fit.

Launch Video for FDE:

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in


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