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Sacrificial Filter for PVS-15/18

Sacrificial Filter/Windows for Night Vision Devices

From $29.95

Sacrificial Filter/Windows for Various Night Vision Devices. Maintain the integrity of your lens and Night Vision

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Sacrificial Filter/Windows for Night Vision Devices

Assorted Sacrificial Filters/Windows for Night Vision Devices

Currently in stock:
L3 Sacrificial Filter for the PVS-15/18 Part Number: A3140650 NSN: 5855-01-250-2348- New  Does NOT come as a pair.

ANVIS-6/9 Sacrificial Filter – New
PVS-14 Screw In Sacrificial Window- By MOD Armory

A Sacrificial Window is intended for use with night vision. These sacrificial windows protect the objective lenses from dust, dirt, and debris. When the sacrificial windows are worn out or damaged, they can be discarded and replaced – this cost-effective procedure preserves the quality and integrity of the Night Vision Device.

We also carry the PVS-14 and PVS-7 Sacrificial Window that fits over the outside of the Objective Lens. Link Below

ITT PVS-14 PVS-7 B D Sacrificial Window

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