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Holmatro Jaws of Life Kit
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Vehicle Breaching Rescue Kit w/ Holmatro Jaws of Life


Vehicle Breaching Rescue Kit w/ Holmatro Jaws of Life. Kit is in new other condition. Has not been used but there are areas where spray paint has chipped, or scratches and scrapes are visible.

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Vehicle Breaching Rescue Kit w/ Holmatro Jaws of Life

The TICS Rescue System (TRS) Extraction Kit ensures personnel have the tools necessary to extricate in high-angle conditions, self-recover casualties, and configure rescue vehicles for quick reaction-force missions.

Step into a world of unmatched readiness and efficiency with this Tactical Rescue kit, a comprehensive solution designed for the most demanding rescue and tactical situations. This kit includes two robust Tribalco backpacks, one equipped with essential entry tools including the cutting-edge Holmatro Model HCT-3120 Jaws of Life, capable of cutting, spreading, squeezing, and pulling with unparalleled precision and ease. The second backpack houses life-saving inflatable buoys to lift a vehicle with air tanks, ensuring you’re prepared for any scenario. The Holmatro Jaws of Life stands out with its unique blade design and deadman’s handle, offering one-handed operation and precise control, vital in high-pressure environments. This kit also features the RUHL Tech Breaching Tools, including the versatile “Hourly w/ Pike” and the powerful 4lb. Sledge, designed to breach the toughest barriers. Complemented by a tactical Dewalt Sawzall Reciprocating Saw, this kit is tailored for those who confront the extremes, ensuring you have the right tool at the right time. Each item in this specialized kit is crafted for durability and reliability, offering peace of mind when it matters most. Embrace the challenge with confidence, knowing you’re equipped with the best in tactical rescue gear.

Two (2) Tribalco backpacks to hold all items. One (1) with entry tools and jaws of life, and one (1) with two (2) inflatable buoys and two (2) air tanks, with attachments.

Jaws of Life Holmatro Model: HCT-3120 combination tools are multi-functional and allow the user to cut, spread, squeeze, and pull with just one tool. Now featuring a unique blade design and a deadman’s handle. The deadman’s handle improves one-hand operation with a positive grip, features an accurate spring return to neutral position, and allows for proportional operation for more precise control.

  • Multi-functional – cutting, spreading, squeezing and pulling with one tool
  • Unique new blade design – optimal cutting results, perfect spreading grip
  • Hand operated design does not require power to work, and is hand operated
  • Model: HCT-3120
  • Retail price for just the jaw is $4,988.00

Jaws of Life Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum Operating Pressure – 10,500 psi/720 bar
  • Max. Cutting Force (in cutting notch) – 49,000 lbf/218 kN
  • Max. Cutting Force (in blade center) – 18,660 lbf/83 kN
  • Max. Spreading Force (at back of tips) – 11,690 lbf/52 kN
  • Max. Spreading Travel – 10 1/2″/267 mm
  • Weight, Ready for Use (twin line) – 20.5 lbs/9.3 kg
  • Weight, Ready for Use (CORE Technology) – 17.5 lbs/7.9 kg
  • Dimensions, Incl. Pigtail Hoses (L x W x H) – 29 3/8″ x 8 1/16″ x 6 7/16″/746 x 205 x 163 mm
  • Dimensions, CORE Technology (L x W x H) – 26 5/8″ x 8 1/16″ x 6 7/16″/677 x 205 x 163 mm
  • Oil Volume Required for Opening – 6.1 in/100 cc
  • Oil Volume Required for Closing – 8.4 in/137 cc
  • Net Required Oil Volume – 2.3 in/37 cc
  • Twin Line Pigtails – Standard

RUHL Tech Breaching Tools Qty: 2 – “Hourly w/ Pike” and “Sledge”

RUHL Tech “Hourly” tool is designed to open outward or inward doors, including high security and/or hurricane doors. The pike on the Hourly is best used to open any lock that you might encounter.

Part Number:  ALTI-9428-H / ALTI-9428-H-P

  • Approximate Weight: 5.85lb/2.65kg
  • Collapsed Length: 18.25”/46.36cm
  • Extended Length: 28.5”/72.39cm

RUHL Tech 4lb. Sledge Part Number: ALTI-9427-S4 / ALTI-9427-S4-P

Impact focused tool for manual breaching situations, such as breaking through walls and doors, or setting other tools. Frequently paired with an Hourly for the tough entry situations.

  • Approximate Weight: 6.8lb/3.08kg
  • Collapsed Length: 17.5”/44.45cm
  • Extended Length: 28.13”/71.45cm

Dewalt Sawzall Reciprocating saw with extra blade, battery, and battery charger. All have been painted tan for low visibility for a tactical environment, and have chipped paint.

2 Air tanks will ship empty.

Flat rate shipping of $80 to the lower 48 states

Please see pictures for what you get. Due to the unique and very specific nature of this item, please ask any questions you have before you buy. We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

This specialized kit comes AS IS.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 20 in


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