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StingIR and PVS-14
StingIR adapter with hardwareStingIR AdapterIntegrated Components Night Vision Helmet Mount D-14 Dual PVS-14 Mounting System™

StingIR Dual Band IC|D-14 Bridge System for StingIR and PVS-14

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This Dual Band system will also work for the new Stride Rix helmet mounted thermal!

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StingIR Dual Band IC|D-14 Bridge System for StingIR and PVS-14

Wear your StingIR helmet mounted with the new StingIR thermal monocular adapter for use with the IC|D-14 Dual PVS-14 Mounting System™ .

Do you want to run StingIR goggles? We now have the option of (2) Sting IR adapters and no PVS-14 arms.

The StingIR thermal monocular adapter works for left or right eye. Simply attach the dovetail with the supplied hardware into one of the threaded holes. The slot allows the user to adjust the eye relief and lock it into place. Be sure to check the alignment of the StingIR eyepiece up with your PVS-14 eyepiece. For best results the eyepieces should have the same eye relief.

Items available in three options in this listing

  • D-14 Dual Mount w/ StingIR thermal adapter (2 PVS-14 Arms with 1 StingIR adapter)
  • D-14 Dual Mount w/ (2)  StingIR thermal adapters (No PVS-14 Arms)
  • StingIR Adapter (no bridge. Choose this if you are adding the adapter to an existing IC|D-14 bridge. This item is not made to be interchangeable with other systems

Are you interested in running your StingIR alone? Check out our StingIR Mini-Rail Adapter Kit

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