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Norotos Universal Shroud

Norotos Universal Shroud for 1 and 3 Hole Helmets


The unmistakable and highly demanded Norotos Universal Shroud 1 and 3 Hole Helmets is compatible with nearly all helmets with 1 or 3 holes or no holes.

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Norotos Universal Shroud for 1 and 3 Hole Helmets

P/N 1817010 Colors: Tan & Black

The unmistakable and highly demanded Norotos Universal Shroud 1 and 3 Hole Helmets is compatible with nearly all helmets with 1 or 3 holes, or helmets with no holes when used with the optional strap assembly. These helmet types include, but are not limited to, MICH, ACH, CVC, PASGT as well as non-ballistic helmets such as PRO-TEC. The Norotos Universal Shroud  is not just another plastic or aluminum molded NVG holding device – in contrast, the Universal Shroud exhibits the ultimate in anti-wobble design, durability and product reliability. The Universal Shroud helps to reduce any undesired goggle-to-helmet wobble. Our advanced stability management system starts on the back side of the Norotos Universal Shroud where a gasket affixed to the unique curvature of the shroud creates a harmonious, self-stabilizing compression effect. The front side of the shroud has four high-endurance shock absorbers that further enhance the stability of the helmet mount and goggles. Using the Universal Shroud with any Norotos mount will result in optimum stability and longevity. The specially designed tether plug allows user to keep the helmet mount and goggles together by attaching the desired length of 550 cord from the shroud to the goggles. The tether plug is designed to prevent damage to goggles upon accidental drop or disengagement from the helmet mount, yet automatically releases when snagged or subjected to the user’s deliberate release. The Norotos Universal Shroud meets and/or exceeds military specification requirements for night vision support hardware and exhibits exceedingly high strength and endurance resulting in the most sophisticated, tolerance-controlled shroud in today’s marketplace. When interfaced with the Norotos AKA2 or INVG Helmet Mount, the system optimizes anti-wobble providing extended system longevity while aiding the user by eliminating NVG wobble fatigue. The precision-machined interface is machined from high-strength, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum alloy specifically designed to be mold integrated within the high-strength nonmetallic shell which optimizes impact resistance even when subjected to severe, direct-impact strikes. All hardware (slides, fasteners, springs and other metallic hardware) has been selected and tested to meet the harshest environmental conditions. The precision machining of the interface incorporated with shock absorber pads assures a continuous anti-wobble fit even as *natural or accelerated environmental wear occurs. * Proper maintenance is necessary to avoid wear caused by salt water crystallization as well as sand or dirt build-up. Note: Drilling your own holes in helmet may affect the ballistic integrity. NSN 5855-01-569-7729-BLACK NSN 5855-01-569-7751-TAN (SAND)

COMPATIBILITY: Night Vision Helmet Mounts: All Norotos night vision helmet mounts including, but not limited to:

  • Standard Rugged Helmet Mount A3256369 –PN 1701010 (over 1.75 million manufactured)
  • Standard Rugged Helmet Mount Assembly A3256368 — PN 1555010
  • AKA2 Helmet Mount – PN 1840010
  • INVG Helmet Mount – PN 1820010
  • TATM (Titanium Advanced Tactical Mounts – PN’s 1723010, 1755010; Conversion kit required – PN 1875010


  • 1 or 3-Holes (or helmets with no-holes with optional strap/clip assembly PN 1798010
  • MICH
  • ACH
  • CVC
  • PASGT w/optional strap/clip assembly (additional holes may be drilled for direct 1 or 3-hole mounting [3-holes recommended])

MOD Armory does not export! Orders that have a international billing address or an international shipping address will not be shipped. These orders will be charged a 20% fee. If the billing address does not match the credit card the order will not be shipped. All night vision devices in part or whole are strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines in the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) per title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130. Therefore, if you are outside the United States, INCLUDING Canada, you must obtain an export license. MOD Armory does not export out of the United States!

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