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Norotos Night Vision Rhino Mount

Norotos Night Vision Rhino Mount

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The Norotos night vision rhino mount is also known as (A3256369) and is the standard issue articulating NVG helmet mount for AN/PVS-7B/D or the AN/PVS-14

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Norotos Night Vision Rhino Mount

The Norotos night vision rhino mount is also known as (A3256369) and is the standard issue articulating NVG helmet mount for the AN/PVS-7B/D or the AN/PVS-14. It places the night vision device in front of the operator’s eyes and pivots up over the helmet into a stowed position when NVG’s are not required. These mount features fore and aft travel and tilt adjustment. The Rhino will accept any night vision device or adapter with a standard bayonet (horn) interface. It has an auto shut-off feature that will turn off the night vision device when stowed up over the helmet so the green glow from the NVD’s does not show down-range. The arm articulates with a “force to overcome” motion meaning the user simply pushes the device upward or down into position.


  • Factory New – no storage wear and newer manufactured date
  • New old stock  – in working condition may have minimal scratches from storage, varying manufactured date
  • Surplus – in used working condition with cosmetic scratches
  • Painted – in used working condition with chipped paint and cosmetic scratches



  • Optimized for PVS-7/14 Binocular/Monocular Systems
  • Patented -Force-to-Overcome (FTO) Flip-up Use/Stowage
  • Automatic Goggle Shut-Off -Robust, Reliable and User Friendly
  • Tilt, Eye Relief, Quick Release

Directly Compatible:

  • Night Vision Devices:
    • PVS 7
    • PVS 14
  • Shrouds/Brackets:
    • Universal Shroud – P/N: 1817010
    • Front Bracket Mount P/N: 1696010 & 1793010
    • Ops Core VAS Shroud
    • Wilcox One Hole Shroud
    • Wilcox One Hole Shroud with Lanyard
    • Wilcox Three Hole Shroud
    • Wilcox Three Hole Shroud with Lanyard

Compatible dependent on accessories or modification:

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 2.5 × 2.125 in


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