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M240 Combination Scraper and Extractor Tool

M240 Combination Scraper and Extractor Tool

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M240 Combination Scraper and Extractor Tool

NSN: 4933-01-033-1503

Original Combination Scraper Tools, for the US M240.

The tools is made of an aluminium alloy body with a fixed handle, and a scraper which is pivoted within the body so that when the fixed and movable handles are squeezed together the steel scrapers project from the body of the tool. The movable handle also has a screwdriver end and additionally has a tool permanently fixed to it for removing and replacing the extractor of the gun.

The tool is designed for removing carbon build up in both the gas cylinder of the gun and the hollow head of the gas piston.

Use: The tool handles are moved apart and the tool pushed into the end of the gas cylinder until the large diameter is flush with the end of the cylinder. The handles are then squeezed together and the tool rotated through 360 degrees. 2 or 3 turns is usually all that is required to remove virtually all of the carbon deposits from the expansion chamber – a job which can take 15 minutes using the British issue ‘pliers’. To clean the hollow piston head the end scraper is used in a similar fashion.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 1 in

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