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PEQ-15 Tan 5 Pattern

L3 Insight Technology PEQ-15 (5) Pattern Generators

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L3 Insight Technology PEQ-15 (5) Optical Pattern Generators

Colors: Black or Tan

PN: ATP-610

NSN: 1240-01-545-6071

The OIR / Pattern Generator integrates a specifically designed holographic pattern or symbol into a standard AN/PEQ15 filter cap which when attached in front of the AN/PEQ15 collimated laser beam, will project a 2.6 meter pattern, 300 meters away.

There are currently 5 patterns (included): a circle, square, triangle, letter “T” and a plus sign.
Pattern generators can be used to identify individuals in a squad by issuing a different pattern to each member.

NOTE: Eye-safe civilian-legal IR illuminators or IR or visible laser devices of any kind will damage or destroy night observation devices such as AN/PVS-14 monoculars or ANVIS goggles if the beam is directed into the device, either directly or by specular reflection (mirror), so use extreme care when operating IR devices around night vision devices.

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