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Bren-Tronics Battery Charger PP-8498U


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Bren-Tronics Advanced Soldier Portable Battery Charger (SPC)

This surplus new-condition charger is an intelligent 4-port portable battery charger capable of charging two batteries  simultaneously with six more batteries queued up for sequential charging.  LED indicator lights provide constant state-of-charge and diagnostic information about the batteries. Charger software determines the type, chemistry and condition of each battery being charged and adjusts each individual charging station as needed, so  with the proper battery adapter batteries can be mixed and matched and automatically charged at the proper rate and voltage for each individual battery. It will charge NiCad, Nickel-metal hydride and Lithium-ion chemistry batteries

Charger comes with one BTA-70834 J-63588/P charging adapter that will charge the BB-2590/U (BA-5590) series of military batteries commonly used in the Surefire Hellfighter HID Heavy Gun Weaponlight – Search Light. Other adapters are available from Bren-Tronics new or may be found surplus on line.

The charger can be powered from AC mains with the included AC power cord, or it can be operated on 24vDC power. Batteries, extra adapters and 24vDC power cord are not included.

List price is $2,671.00

  • Military#: PP-8498/U
  • NSN: 6130-01-495-2839

Firmware updated at MOD Armory to the latest version, Rev. K, on 5/18/2016

Size / Weight

  • Length

    24.0 in (610 mm)

  • Width

    20.0 in (508 mm)

  • Height

    9.0 in (229 mm)

  • Weight

    27.5 lb (12.5 kg)


  • Materials / Color

    High impact ABS/Olive Drab

  • Power Requirements

    22V-28V DC, 15A, 90-260V AC, 47 to 420 Hz, 375 VA

  • Storage Temperature

    -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to +158°F)

  • Temperature Operations

    -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)

Below is the adapter/battery matrix.



BTA-70903 (16.8V Adapter)
BTA-70834 (J-6358B/P)
BT-70791CK (BB-2590/U)
BT-70791BK (BB-2590/U)
BT-70791A (BB-2590/U)
BT-70790 (BB-390B/U)
BT-70791E (BB-2590/U)
BT-70409 (BB-590/U)
BTA-70715 (J-6521/P) Harris Falcon (AN/PRC-152)
BTA-70810 (J-6588/P) BT-70716BE (AN/PRC-148)
BT-70716BG (AN/PRC-148)
Thales MBITR (AN/PRC-148)
BTA-70396 (J-6354/P) BT-70747 (BB-2847A/U)
BT-70747BE (BB-2847A/U)
BT-70747BG (BB-2847A/U)
BT-70747BK (BB-2847A/U)
BTA-70581A (J-6769A/P) BT-70581B (BB-2001A/U CSEL)
BTA-70807 (J-6587/P) BT-70780 (BB-2800/U)
BTA-70812 (J-6523A/P) BT-70557 (BB-557/U)
BT-70757 (BB-2557/U)
BTA-70868 (Solar Adapter) BT-70868BK (LI-145)
BT-70868BE (LI-145)
BT-70867BE (LI-80)
BT-70867BG (LI-80)
BTA-70395 (J-6356/P) BT-70787 (BB-326/U)
BT-70395 (BB-516A/U)
BTA-70774 (J-6879/P) AN/PRC-153
Motorola: NNTN7032A
BTA-70406 (SPC Adapter)  BT-70406 (BB-586/U)
BTA-70406-3 (SPC Adapter) BT-70883 (BB-386/U)
BTA-70394 (J-6355/P) BT-70394 (BB-503A/U)
BTA-70811 (J-6589/P) AA Cells
BTA-70817 (SPC Adapter) D Cells
BTA-70910 (SPC Adapter) Conformal Battery
BTA-70874 (SPC Adapter) AN/PRC-154
BTA-70443 (J-6521/P) BT-70743 (BB-2600A/U)
BTA-70808 (J-6357 A/P) BT-70788 (BB-388A/U)
BT-70789 (BB-2588/U)
BTA-70492A (SPC Adapter) BT-70477 (Sophie)
BT-70492A (Sophie)
BT-70492BK (Sophie)
BTA-70589 (SPC Adapter) BT-70480 (ALI-143)
BT-70483 (ALI-142)
BT-70493 (ALI-243)
BT-70744F (ALI-147)
BT-70748F (ALI-247)
BTA-70589A (SPC Adapter) BT-70480 (ALI-143)
BT-70483 (ALI-142)
BT-70493AA (ALI-243)
BT-70493 (ALI-243)
BT-70744F (ALI-147)
BT-70748F (ALI-247)
BTA-70706-1 (SPC Adapter) BT-70706 (BB-2598/U)
BTA-70838-7 (SPC Adapter) BT-70838BK (SMP)
BT-70838BE (SMP)
BT-70838BG (SMP)
BT-70838A (SMP)
BT-70838 (SMP)
BT-70838-2/3BK (SMP)
BT-70838-2/3BE (SMP)
BT-70838-2/3BG (SMP)
BT-70838-2/3A (SMP)
BT-70838-2/3 (SMP)
BT-70838-1/3BE (SMP)
BT-70838-1/3BG (SMP)
BTA-70582 (SPC Adapter) BT-70483 (ALI-142)
BTA-70582-1 (SPC Adapter) BT-70483 (ALI-142)
BTA-70721 (SPC Adapter) BT-70721 (Sagem SS)
BTA-70740 (SPC Adapter) BT-70740 (ELVIR)
BTA-70763 (SPC Adapter) BN-2250
BTA-70680 (SPC Adapter) Harris SPR
BTA-70685 (SPC Adapter) ALKABAT
BTA-70574 (SPC Adapter) ICOM SI
BTA-70851 (SPC Adapter) RACAL TRA-931
BTA-70852 (SPC Adapter) PTR-349
BTA-70853 (SPC Adapter) Loral-RT1606
BTA-70855 (SPC Adapter) ATK-XM25
BTA-70858 (SPC Adapter) DRT 4453/4411
BTA-70737 (SPC Adapter) ITT Spearhead


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