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Wilcox NVG Lanyard Only


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The Wilcox NVG Lanyard features a custom integrated base that securely attaches to a variety of Wilcox NVG Combat Helmet Mounts.Constructed from a high strength polymer, with a Double Braided Nylon cord, and an Aluminum Spring-loaded Gate Clip, it  prevents NVG loss during operation.

  • Increases mission effectiveness and prevents loss of the night vision goggle by providing a secure attachment to an array of NVG devices
  • Affixes to the Wilcox line of Helmet Mounts
  • Breaks away from the helmet with 8 – 12 lbs of pressure to prevent operator injury
  • Maintains a low profile stance on the helmet in both stowed and deployed position
  • Flat matte finish for covertness in combat conditions
  • Robust tether is designed for a long service life
  • Cord Length: 13”
  • Breakaway Resistance: 8-12 Lbs.

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