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Otis Improved Weapons Cleaning Kit - IWCK

Otis Improved Weapons Cleaning Kit – IWCK


The Otis Improved Weapons Cleaning Kit – IWCK is designed to clean and maintain variants of 5.56MM, 7.62MM, 9MM and .45 cal. weapons. NSN: 1005-01-562-7393

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Otis Improved Weapons Cleaning Kit – IWCK

When things don’t happen as planned, your training has prepared you to adapt and overcome. Your cleaning system needs to keep up with whatever firearm is part of that new plan. The Otis Improved Weapons Cleaning Kit – IWCK is designed to clean and maintain variants of the 5.56MM, 7.62MM, 9MM and .45 cal. weapons including C7, C8, M16, M249 SAW, HK 416, M4, AK-47, M1, M14, M24, M240, M40, M9, 1911, M45. The Memory-Flex® cleaning rod, slotted tip, 100% cotton cleaning patches, and bore brushes, allow you to quickly clean the receiver, chamber, neck and bore. The obstruction remover is used to knock out bore obstructions and stuck cases. The scrapers help to clean carbon deposits from flat surfaces such as the bolt face and rails, while the handy picks are engineered to clean the locking lugs. The included optics cleaning gear contains everything necessary to preserve the quality and functionality of scopes, infrared night vision equipment, rangefinders, laser sighting devices, binoculars, cameras and eyewear. Fast, gentle, and accurate cleaning of dust, fingerprints, dirt, water spots, etc. can be accomplished in minutes with the lens cleaner, micro fiber lens cloth and mohair lens brush. Comes with ALICE and MOLLE belt clips to attach to any compatible part of your gear for a readily available cleaning.

NSN: 1005-01-562-7393


  • 8ʺ and 30ʺ Memory-Flex® Cables for effective and correct Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning
  • Five (5) firearm-specific bronze brushes remove copper deposits and other fouling
  • T-handle and obstruction removal tools for jammed cases and other blockages
  • Specialized precision tools for complete breakdown and fine cleaning of all critical and hard to reach areas of your weapon
  • Optics cleaning gear for care and maintenance of scopes, rangefinders, night vision equipment and more
  • Multi-tool for additional precision cleaning
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 5″ x 4″

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Weight 1.95 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 4 in




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