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Norotos Lo-Sto Helmet Mount, Force-to-Overcome (1962010)

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Norotos, Lo-Sto Helmet Mount, Force-to-Overcome is the most lightweight and compact helmet mount solution available

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Norotos Lo-Sto Helmet Mount, Force-to-Overcome (1962010)

Lo-Sto with “Force-to-Overcome, Deploy/Stow Release” is engineered to meet the demand for a lightweight and compact mounting solution. This unit weighs only 4.8 oz. (136 grams) while having a small footprint of only 2.35” folded up. This unit is amazingly compact and lightweight. The Lo-Sto displays extended rugged field use while providing a mechanical advantage through manufactured precision.

Also available in the USMC Edition! Featuring a cutaway dovetail receptacle for devices that need a little more clearance.

Both mounts come standard with the dovetail, but can be special ordered with the horn for bayonet arms.

The Lo-Sto Force-to-Overcome offers mechanical advantages:

  • Reducing weight
  • Enhanced center of gravity and ergonomic wearability
  • Maximized user comfort amid extended application
  • Single-handed easy operating tactile differentials further heighten comfort enriching safety
  • Custom-fit adaptability, including Glide-Rite Infinitely Adjustable Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft levers.
  •  Norotos Anti-Wobble Quick-Change Adapters
  • Rapid transfer between HORN and DOVETAIL style NVGs
  • Increased adaptability
  • Anti-Wobble stability
  • Force-to-Overcome deploy/stow release ensures safe and firm user pressure activation for NVG flip-up/flip-down.

Engineered elegance and manufactured precision unite to reveal the most advanced night vision helmet mount available. The Lo-Sto delivers an unparalleled combination of lightweight minimal silhouette capable of enduring through the most demanding field conditions, maintaining safe and easy operational differentials, while becoming the pinnacle of comfort and Anti-Wobble stability.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

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