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Geissele Super 42 Braided Wire Buffer Spring and Buffer Combo, H1


The Geissele Super 42 Spring was crafted to enhance the performance and reliability of your AR-15 style rifle. Its innovative design employs three separate strands of wire, reminiscent of the German MG42 Machine Gun, functioning as a harmonic damper and energy absorber. This configuration enables the springs to flex independently, effectively dissipating excess energy, thus reducing the risk of spring failure and enhancing the rifle’s reliability.

Compared to the standard spring, the Geissele Super 42 Spring demonstrates a decreased tendency to lose length and force over time. Additionally, it eliminates the bothersome spring reverberations (commonly known as twang) experienced by shooters through the buttstock. With an average return force 15% stronger than the standard buffer spring, it aids in smooth round extraction from the magazine, particularly in dirty weapon conditions or when using steel-case ammunition.

Please note that the Super 42 Spring is specifically designed for use with Carbine length buffer tubes and is not compatible with rifle length or A5 buffer tubes/receiver extensions. For rifles utilizing 300 Blackout subsonic ammunition, we advise against using the Super 42 Spring, as its increased power may hinder proper rifle function.

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  • Improves function and reliability of the AR-15 pattern rifle.
  • Super 42 Spring has a 15% stronger average return force than the standard buffer spring.
  • For use with Carbine length buffer tubes.
  • Not compatible with rifle length or A5 buffer tubes/receiver extensions.
  • Not recommended with 300 blackout subsonic ammunition.

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