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CAA Command Arms Accessories Flashlight / Laser Mount 5 Position


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CAA Command Arms Accessories Flashlight / Laser Mount 5 Position

Product Description

5 Positions Light/laser Mount – 24.4-27mm. Polymer Made Flashlight & laser mount, quickly locks in any of five positions for the user’s comfort.

•Change positions by simple action: push/pull/rotate.

•Side clamp on to the Picatinny rail – screw lock.Locks in five positions: 0˚ 45˚ 90˚ 135˚ 180˚. Optional to screw-lock the position.

•Enables light to enter the room, while the operator maximizes the use of cover, regardless of which side room entry is desired.

•Operator can easily access on/off button with thumb, while using a vertical grip. •Includes extra pushbutton for pistol’s under barrel style rails.

•No gunsmith required

• Mill-standard

• Warranty: 10 years

Eligibility: For Picatinny

Materials: Made of Polymer

Measurements: Diameter(mm): 24.4-27

Weight(gr): 70

Mechanism: Lock Allen Key

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


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