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MOD Armory Auto Shutoff PVS-14 J Arm Dovetail or Bayonet Interface

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MOD Armory Auto Shutoff PVS-14 J Arm Dovetail or Bayonet Interface

Introducing the MOD Armory Auto Shutoff PVS-14 J Arm with dovetail or bayonet interface. With the standard military J-Arm, operators only have an option of the bayonet interface, limiting helmet mount choices. Available in both bayonet and dovetail, this friction set arm allows for faster, more precise, adjustment than peer products. Easy travel from left to right eye, and back again. Now featuring a true auto shutoff feature which is engaged when the PVS-14 is removed.

MOD Armory Auto Shutoff PVS-14 Adapter Specifications:

  • Weight Dovetail: 1.58 oz., Bayonet: 2.15 oz., MIL-SPEC J-Arm: 2.17 oz.
  • Automatically kills power to PVS-14 when removed
  • Material Construction Type III anodized, Light Weight, Aerospace Grade Metals, and High Wear Resistant Delrin
  • Accommodates NVG AN/PVS-14 Suite and many other monoculars with J arm port
  • Friction setting allows easy travel (Left or Right Eye) without having to adjust a knob
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Works with: Norotos Lo-Sto, Original Norotos USGI RHINO, Norotos RHNO II,  Norotos AKA II, Norotos INVG, Norotos TATM, Wilcox L4 G24, and Wilcox G11.

MOD Armory does not export. Orders that have a international billing address or an international shipping address will not be shipped. These orders will be charged a 20% fee.

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