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The wait for more information is over!

The wait for more information is over!

Hyper™ and Vyper™  night vision models, Ether™ eye piece, Universal Bridge, and Monocular Clips have been updated

Thank you all for your interest in the DEP/PHOTONIS products, and we are excited to bring you the newest in night vision technology.

MOD Armory and I^2 Technologies are proud to announce, we are now taking orders for the

Hyper MUM™!

All devices will be available to our MIL/LE and Civilian end users (All ITAR rules apply)

Completed kits have been added with your choice of green or white phosphor. WP at no additional cost.


Here are the product pages for a few of the items…


In case you missed the previous press release, here you are…


Mod Armory and I2 Technologies are proud to announce the availability of enhancements and upgrades by DEP and PHOTONIS that allow Mod Armory and I2 trained technicians to upgrade existing PVS-14 and MUM devices to the most advanced levels available.

Upgrade options include the all-new ultra-high performance PHOTONIS INTENS™ 4G image-intensifier tube and enhanced housing design options like the Hyper 14 housing and Universal Bridge by DEP.

Complete enhanced PVS-14 and MUM systems are also available.

For further information, please contact Mod Armory or I2 technologies.