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RHNO II with dovetail

Integrated Components Pimp Your Rhino Mount PYRM ™

From $80.00

The Rhino Mount PYRM ™ takes the Standard PVS 14 PVS 7 Night Vision Helmet Mount and repurposes them to a dovetail style interface with height adjustment.

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Integrated Components Pimp Your Rhino Mount (PYRM)™

Now an adjustable dovetail available for the Rhino (RHNO) II! The RHNO II adapter only works with the RHNO II, and will not work with the original Rhino mount. If your mount has two rails for the under carriage, you will require the original dovetail adapter.
PLEASE NOTE: The original dovetail adapter will ONLY work with a dovetail j-arm. Due to the need for height adjustment while using a dual mount, you will need to choose the Rhino II version, or consider purchasing that model.

For orders, please you this link:

The Height Adjustment Riser for Rhino I and dovetail for Rhino I have been discontinued as of 7/30/2019. 

The Rhino Mount PYRM is a cost effective way to reuse your broken or obsolete Rhino mount and turn them into a fully functioning mount that takes the standard PVS-15/18 dovetail socket. The Rhino Mount PYRM ™ has an added feature of a Riser that allows height adjust of the Rhino mount.

IC Rhino Mount PYRM ™ PVS 15 PVS 18 Night Vision Helmet Mount Features:

  • Optimized for PVS-15/18 Binocular/Monocular Systems
  • Force-to-Overcome (FTO) Flip-up Use/Stowage
  • Robust, Reliable and User Friendly
  • Tilt, Eye Relief, Quick Release Dovetail, and Height Adjustment with Riser Option

Directly Compatible Goggles for the IC Rhino Mount PYRM ™ PVS 15 PVS 18 Night Vision Helmet Mount:

  • PVS-15
  • PVS-18

 Indirectly Compatible Goggles for the IC PYRM™ PVS 15 PVS 18 Night Vision Helmet Mount:

  • PVS-7 – Requires Wilcox NVG Interface Shoe AN PVS-7B 7D – 14004G01
  • PVS-14 – Requires Wilcox AN/PVS-14 J Arm with NVG Interface Shoe – 26300G01

Completely compatible with the following Accessories, Shrouds, and Brackets:

  • ICs Night Vision Helmet Mount D-14 Dual PVS-14 Mounting System™
  • L4 Wilcox Three Hole Shroud – 56100G34
  • L4 One Hole Shroud with Bracket – 56100G04 / 56100G10
  • USGI ACH Bracket – A3297307
  • Norotos Universal Shroud – 1817010
  • Norotos Lo-Sto

MOD Armory does not export! Orders that have an international billing address or an international shipping address will not be shipped. These orders will be charged a 20% fee. If the billing address does not match the credit card the order will not be shipped.

All night vision devices in part or whole are strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines in the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) per title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130. Therefore, if you are outside the United States, INCLUDING Canada, you must obtain an export license. MOD Armory does not export out of the United States!


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Weight N/A
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in
Rhino Mount

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