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Galls Full Feature Siren ST240

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Galls Full Feature 100 -200 Watt Siren ST 240

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Galls Full Feature 100 -200 Watt Siren ST 240

The ST240 Siren Amplifier is a premium 200W unit designed for dual 100W speaker use. The primary operating modes are Thunder, Yelp, Wail, Hands Free, Manual, PA, and Radio. A Noise Canceling PA Override and push-button Horn Override are available in all modes. A manual push-button is provided for push-on/push-off tone toggle operation in the Thunder, Yelp, and Wail modes. It also allows manual siren control in the Manual or PA modes. The Thunder function can be optionally replaced by Two-Tone or disabled entirely with program jumpers. Another feature allows cycling through Wail, Yelp, Thunder, and Standby by providing a signal to the horn ring auxiliary wire when the function switch is in the Hands Free (HF) position. A Park Kill option is provided for connection to a door switch, etc. to disable the siren when exiting the vehicle. Radio and PA volume controls are provided on the front panel. The front panel is backlighted with LED’s for night visibility. This compact unit utilizes short circuit, high voltage, low voltage, and reverse polarity protection systems for maximum service life.

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